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Murray Holistic Story

Murray Holistic was started by self-taught holistic health and natural medicine enthusiast O’Neil Murray in 2015 as a way of sharing his knowledge about living well with the rest of the world.

Growing up along the southern coast of Jamaica, O’Neil Murray learned the importance of health and holistic medicine from his mother who learned them from her mother.

The ingredients, recipes, and techniques used in our products have been passed down for four generations. We here at Murray Holistic live by our simple motto “Healthy Lifestyle.”


Murray Holistic Leadership

Murray Holistic is a proudly black-owned business. Our leadership team are enthusiasts in various fields ranging from finance, health, nutrition, and technology.

O'Neil Murray

Founder & CEO

Meet O’Neil Murray, the mastermind behind Murray Holistic Sea Moss Products and Supplements. With a background in education from Kingston College and University of  Technology in Jamaica, O’Neil has dedicated his life to unlocking the power of nature to create products that provide a comprehensive approach to wellness. His proprietary formulas are crafted with the highest quality sea moss, fruits, aloe vera, honey, turmeric, and other natural herbal ingredients to help you achieve optimal health and vitality. Whether you’re looking for a natural way to support your immune system, or you want to promote healthy digestion and glowing skin, Murray Holistic Sea Moss Products and Supplements have got you covered. Discover the power of nature and experience the benefits of Murray Holistic Sea Moss Products and Supplements today.


Kayson McKenzie

Finance & Food Advisor

Meet Kayson McKenzie, a visionary Restauranteur with a passion for excellence. Kayson brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the culinary world, thanks to his education in Finance from Penn State University. Armed with a burning desire to make a difference, Kayson has dedicated his career to redefining the culinary experience. From sourcing the finest ingredients to creating innovative menus that tantalize the taste buds, Kayson’s restaurant is a testament to his commitment to excellence. With a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients and a dedication to exceptional service, his restaurant have quickly become a go-to destination for foodies.